Friday 25 May 2012

New bus stop in Station Road, St Ives

This week's Hunts Post (23 May, page 6) includes only one item about the busway - a letter from a St Ives resident who doesn't think anything is to be gained by creating a new bus stop in Station Road outside Hyperion. He can't believe that passengers are willing to walk from St Ives Town centre to the Park & Ride to catch a bus to cambridge. He thinks the problem of congestion at the Harrison Way crossing is about people parking (free) at the Park & Ride and walking into St Ives. He thinks they are misusing the Park & Ride. There may indeed be some people parking in this way, but I do know that many people walk to/from the Park & Ride because they want to use the Service A which starts and terminates there, which is often more reliable than the B, serves places that the B doesn't go to, and is generally a few minutes quicker than the B. I often arrive back in St Ives on the A which is due in at 1733, though it's usually about 5-10 minutes late. It is rarely worth waiting for the B to take me into central St Ives. What do readers of the blog think about this issue?

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  1. Foot bridge, they should have built foot bridge. Its the pedestrians and cyclists that cause the issue by wanting to cross and who can blame them. Moving the bus stop will make no difference at all.

    As the weather gets better and more and more people go over there for a walk or cycle it will just get worse.


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