Tuesday 8 May 2012

Flood levels - Tuesday morning

The water level on the cycle track between St Ives Park & Ride and Fen Drayton Lakes has fallen. The brick art installation is now mostly visible, and only its base is now still standing in the water. The track is still flooded east of Fen Drayton and it wasn't obvious to me whether the water level had dropped at that location.


  1. Came back via the GBW cycle track, as I was fed up with the long route, normally I am on my road bike but with the rain lately I have been on the MTB with slicks and mud guards.

    Over the weekend fitted my normal chunky MTB tyres as I was going to give the GBW cycle track a try out this afternoon on the way back from work.

    2 section south of Fen Drayton Lakes completely submerged, which last week when the northern section was flooded these were not, and this I did not expect, so cycled across the embankment next to the GBW track and if I heard a bus I would stop and move further over.

    Then the section next after the Fen Drayton Lakes exist was no longer flooded but full of debris, and the section immidiately after the dutch culvert was still flooded, so I reversed back and again went up the embankment.

    Not convenient but still better than going all the way to Fen Drayton and back via Swavesey. I am going to email Sustrans and see what they think about their money being used on such a poor engineering solution.

  2. Thanks for the update and for contacting Sustrans, Kevin.

    The flooded sections south/east of Fen Drayton seem to have been slow to fill, and I guess they may be slow to empty. Whereas, the sections near the river filled up quick and emptied quick. I am wondering if the sudden drop in levels is due to the opening of the next lock gate downriver from St Ives (Brownshill Staunch, near Earith). I think they hold water in that section of the river in order to protect the Earith-Ely road from flooding. The cycle track is obviously well down the pecking order.

  3. Well its going , definitely going, I think the section that is still flooded is about 1 foot deep now.

    This time next week we should be all clear, but a lovely trodden path has emerged over the weekend across that banking where its flooded, must have been loads of people there over the weekend.

  4. Well its still flooded. It has no where to drain too, its like a new pond, still at least a foot deep too..

    I think its going to have to evaporate....

  5. Have you actually cycled through the water? Or is it still too deep for that? Yesterday afternoon I saw a procession of cyclists wheeling their bikes along the grassy strip beside the bus track. I might go and investigate at the weekend.

  6. I saw one of my regulars cycle thru yesterday it was up to the bottom of his crank, and today on the edge nearest the busway it has now started to reveal the track underneath.

    A bit of good weather it should be passable by Monday!

  7. Hello - what is the water level like on the cyclepath? Ok or do I have to go the long way round?

    1. Hi Jenny.

      Please see more recent blog post at http://travellingtheguidedbusway.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/busway-cycle-track-still-flooded-2.html

      As at 7 Feb the cycle track is OK between St Ives and fen Drayton, but there is still water lying between Fen Drayton and Swavesey, so you'd either have to push your bike along the grass at the top of the embankment or divert.


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