Thursday 21 June 2012

Bus petition

The Hunts Post ( 20 June, page 25) reports that about 300 people have signed a petition against bus service changes affecting the northern end of St Ives. Route B will run fast from St Ives to Huntingdon by skipping the top end of Ramsey Road and Hill Rise.  Route A will serve those parts of St Ives, but will not link to Huntingdon. Andy Campbell, of Stagecoach, is, in effect, saying that not enough people travel from Ramsey Road / Hill Rise to Huntingdon to justify the detour, and that providing faster service between Cambridge, St Ives and Huntingdon has priority.


  1. It seems ridiculous that the B service will not serve Ramsey Rd/Hill Rise on the way to Huntingdon but fine to go the other way. I myself have written to Stagecoach and matter of factly been told " you will either have to walk near to Seven Wives pub to get the bus instead of now getting it from Hill Rise - or take a bus to go into St Ives to then get a connection going out" Ridiculous and noticed that only St Ives is to be affected - Oxmoor still have a full service. Hmmm wonder why that is?????

  2. Yes. the Oxmoor route is a bigger detour than Hill Rise. And why does the bus go up the slow and bumpy Pennington Road?


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