Thursday, 21 June 2012

Revised timetables for Stagecoach busway services starting 23 July

The new busway timetable for Stagecoach's services A and B can now be viewed on Cambridgeshire County Council's bus timetable pages. Click here for details in 'print format'. Unfortunately the format does not make viewing easy as the current times and the new times are not separated out into two independent tables. However, there is a useful list of SMS codes for stops served by the A and B.  Wyton Camp gains a half hourly service  (route A)to/from St Ives and Cambridge for most of the day Monday-Saturday.  The other two route A service each hour terminate at Burrel Road in St Ives. Hinchingbrooke Hospital gets two service B per hour, and Huntingdon rail Station one an hour. Of course, the Hinchingbrooke buses wil stop on Brampton Road just outside ths railway station.For details of what those services are, click here. The revised times are not yet available on the Stagecoach website.


  1. This morning I have printed off a copy of the Busway A/B timetable from the County Council website in order to have a closer look at what is being offered. During the middle main part of the day there will be 4 buses on route A and 4 on route B every hour. The Route A services will terminate alternately at Wyton Camp and St Ives Burrel Road. The route B buses will be as follows : 2 to Hinchingbrooke, 1 to Huntingdon Rail Station every hour. They'll all serve Huntingdon Bus Station and a fourth bus every hour will terminate at/start from Huntingdon Bus Station. The buses running to Wyton Camp will connect neatly with the serve 30 buses to/from Warboys and Ramsey, assumung the existing service 30 timetable is retained

  2. Hope service can move towards using single-deckers. Double-deckers do about 3 times the damage per passenger when full, and when not full are clearly not beneficial!

    Needs more drivers at peak times, and slightly more buses, but compare this with the cost of damage to the busway and to feeder roads, such as Histon Road...


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