Monday 6 August 2012

New Stagecoach route B service

There don't seem to be any timetable booklets available yet for the new timetable which started today. But you can find a link to it here . On my homeward bus journey this evening they were still giving out the  22 July timetable, which, of course, now gives erroneous information about journeys north and west of Huntingdon.

If you go to the County Council's bus pages  you can find the version of the timetabel that shows every bus stop. Click here. There is a note at the top of the timetable saying ' The information on this timetable is expected to be valid until at least 29th August 2012'. This suggest to me that Stagecoach may be planning yet more changes, perhaps to coincide with the start of the school term.


  1. According to the current Traveline output (linked from the Cambs CC Bus Services pages), there are further changes to route B services due from Mon 3 Sept (as in *next* Monday!). No announcements about this to be found on either the Stagecoach or Cambs CC websites, but it's hard to imagine that Traveline would have just made this up. And it fits with Andrew's comment in his original posting.

    Hugh Taylor

  2. Thanks for your comment, Hugh. There are a few 'termtime only; services showing on the existing timetable, but presumably these new changes are something else.


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