Friday 31 August 2012

Timetable changes from 3 September

There appear to be some timetable changes to the Stagecoach route A starting from Monday 3 September. You can see the changes here , though the format makes it a bit difficult to read.

Some early morning services from north of St Ives will serve the new bus stop in Station Road instead of St Ives Bus Station Bay 3. These are  (Monday-Friday) the 0605 and 0705 from Somersham, the 0625 and 0725 from Ramsey and the 0645 from Chatteris. On Saturdays only the 0705 from Somersham is affected.

'Schoolday only' services are starting as from Tuesday 4 September. Dates of operation will be 4 September - 26 October, 5 November - 21 December and 8-9 January. That last pair of dates perhaps suggest another timetable revision might be planned for 10  January.

The following schoolday journeys will run:

0740 Burrel Road to Long Road
0750 Ansley Way to Cambridge Rail Station
0805 Anslet Way to Cambridge Rail Station

and in the afternoon:

1614 Cambridge Rail Station to Ansley Way
1625 Long Road to St Ives Bus Station where it will connect into
1717 St Ives Bus Station to Somersham via Bluntisham


  1. I am very pleased to see the addition of these services. When the timetable was re-jigged last time I noticed that the A's were getting very crowded. During the Summer Hols it was not uncommon to have standing room only when you got on at the St.Ives P&R in the morning. I had taken to going in on the B and walking a bit further to the Science Park from Orchard Park East

    1. I'm not holding my breath yet. Under the 'old' timetable there seemed to be more buses leaving St Ives for Cambridge in the 07.25-07.45 slot that there are now. The extra 'termtime' buses are a bit later than that, so I am worried that overcorwding might be an issue once the schools are back. Tomorrow will be interesting.


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