Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Car trap at St Ives

On 3 September, a motorist, who failed to see the road signs, drove into the car trap  at St Ives. She claims that a double decker bus obscured the signs, though Cambridgeshire County Council says that the signs are 'ample'. The person driving the recovery vehicle says he has about two call-outs a week to the car trap. ( Hunts Post, 12 September, page 15)


  1. Grrrh, Know just how this person feels visited st ives a few weeks ago to see my mum and it cost me £300 in new tyres after going through the trap - where are the ample signs - Wont be rushing back to St Ives sorry mum

  2. Have you tried complaining to Cambridgeshire County Council? Maybe rising bollards would be better than the car traps.

  3. I saw a Range Rover drive over that trap unscathed a couple of weeks ago.


  4. If every trap were replaced by bollards then, apart from the cost, journey times would be increased. Is that really what we want?

    I suspect most of these motorists are the same ones who ignore all of the (numerous and more than adequate) signs in Cambridge and drive straight right up to the bollards in Bridge St, Silver St, etc. (sometimes then tailgating a bus or taxi and being surprised when they're attacked by a bollard!).

  5. I guess Range rovers' wheels must be wide neough apart!

    Maybe the bollards could be linked into the traffic lights, which teh buses have to wait for anyway - but that is yet another mechanical thing that can go wrong. Imagine the chaos if the bollard stuck in up position.

    Your comment about people who ignore traffic rules is a good one.

  6. If you drive your car in to a big hole in the ground, then I'm afraid I don't have much sympathy.

    Even if the signs are obscured, the trap itself is pretty obvious - unless of course you're not driving with due care and attention.

    1. A similar mindset, perhaps, to drivers who follow their satnav so slavishly and drive into fords across flooded rivers or ignore give way signs. The no left/no right turn signs at this crossing are enormous.How anyone could miss them beats me!


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