Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bus passenger survey

Yesterday I was given a 'Bus Passenger Survey' form during my morning jurney to work.

The survey was being oconducted by Passengerfocus - the official, independent consumer organisation that represents bus passengers across England, except London. It also represents rail passengers. I was not sure at whose behest this survey was being carried out on the busway - but the Passengerfocus website indicates that Passengerfocus regularly samples bus passenger opinion in different parts of the country. Click here to see the results of previous surveys, the latest being March 2012.

As luck would have it, the journey about which I filled in the survey form, was running about 12 minutes late, and was grossly overcrowded. So some of my responses leaned towards the 'not very satisfied' end of the spectrum.

This is clearly a different survey from the one Stagecoach were recently conducting as regards the morning peak hour overcrowding.

Has anyone else been offered a Passengerfocus survey form?


  1. Nothing to do with me, although I did copy my email of complaint to a number of local organisations and people.

    Where do I get one of these forms? Can you download them from their website?


  2. I don't think you can. They had someone giving put the forms and pre-paid envelopes on the bus. He had a notebook on which I could see that he was having to give them out to an equal number of men and women and a range of ages. I guess I helped him meet the target for the older end of the spectrum!


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