Saturday, 22 September 2012

New Whippet busway timetable

Whippet will be changing their busway timetable as from 1 October. You can see the new  timetable  here.


  1. Andrew, your link did not work when I tried it.

  2. Links to TEA tend to expire. This direct PDF from the Whippet website should work:

    The main busway site still seems to have the old C timetable. Typically unhelpful as ever.

    I do wish someone would tell the council and the website that whippet service c DOES NOT go along Acacia Avenue and Chestnut Road in St Ives. It never has. Looking a little bit pathetic after 2 years of still being wrong. Service C travels along Houghton Road to begin the Hill Rise/Ramsey Road loop. How long before someone can be bothered to change this? All concerns with the busway are always related to park-and-ride stops or other matters. Those of us that used to enjoy a decent bus service that has been buggered up by the busway are just left to rot as always.

  3. Sorry about the link that kept not working. I've added a link to the Whippet site. Hopefully that should be correct.

    The County Council thinks the C travels via Acacia Avenue and Chestnut Road judging by the maps and all-stops timetables which appear on the CC website. Pre-busway, I used to use Whippet buses a lot, and on many, many occasions their drivers did unofficial variations off the advertised route e.g. between Fen Stanton and St Ives (via Low Road) and Hartford to Huntingdon (not via the Oxmoor, which at that time was the advertised route).

  4. Yes, you're absolutely right about Whippet choosing where to go in the past. Oxmoor was regularly missed out if no one on the bus wanted to be dropped off there, drivers "mates" got dropped off off-route and early running was frequent.
    The 55 or 553/554/555 or 73/74/74A services run by Stagecoach in The Fens / Huntingdon and District / Sovereign Bus & Coach / Premier / Stagecoach United Counties depending how far back you want to go was by far far superior than what we've got now. Whippet still have reliability issues (although are notably better than before - but still some way to go) and fares on Stagecoach have gone through the roof. £3 just for a single from Ramsey Road to Hartford Marina is a little excessive. But at least I still have a bus service, I suppose. Once county subsidy withdrawal takes full impact across the county, more and more places will be wiped off the bus network.


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