Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Earith flooding

As users of the busway, and readers of this blog, will be aware, the recent flooding of the main road through Earith caused huge traffic queues in St Ives which affected the punctuality of busway services. This is a regular feature of life in this area unfortunately, and happens once or twice a year whenever the River Ouse is in flood.

Today's Hunts Post ( 5 December, page 7) prints several letters  urging the County Council to build a causeway or bridge at Earith that will ensure the road is never under water.

On page 9 of the Hunts Post (5 December) is an article outlining previous attempts to build a causeway at Earith. It seems they were rejected for reasons such as - the floods were only 2-5 days a year, or  a causeway would impede water flowing out into the Ouse washes.

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