Friday, 28 December 2012

Motorist drove onto busway at Cambridge Railway Station

Another motorist has driven onto the busway, this time at Cambridge Station. Information about is incident is tacked onto a longer story about the pedestrian hit by a bus near Histon a few days ago.

See Cambridge News here.


  1. Has anyone got the figures for cars (and a lorry) driving and trapped on the bus way?

    This Cambridge Station one, a Ford Puma, same place December 2011 & "In September (2011), two motorists drove on to the busway in the same day – one in Cambridge and the other in St Ives – and then in November, a suspected drink-driver was arrested after driving her Mercedes on to the track at Hills Road bridge"

    I'm just wondering if a bus had been coming would the bus driver have been able to use their brakes in time??? Or would it be the obligatory sound the horn a few times and hit 'em method?

  2. The local paper has the answer this week, in the last 6 months 20 cars have driven on the busway causing emergency closure, all but two were on the St.Ives Station Road junction. If it was a bike stuck, stopping services there would be an outcry! Hilarious!! Bloomin car drivers, ignoring the road signs. Law unto themselves...etc etc etc... :)


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