Wednesday 30 January 2013

Letters in Hunts Post about flooding

The Hunts Post ( 30 January, page 6) has two letters about flooding. Although neither mentions the busway directly, both examples of the flooding described affect busway users.

The floods at Earith cause congestion in St Ives as drivers seek alternative routes to Cambridge and other destinations, and there is a knock-on effect on guided buses trying to pass through St Ives. The flooding in Low Road, Fenstanton, affects cyclists who have to divert off the busway due to flooding between St Ives and Swavesey.

Solutions discussed in the letters are: raising the level of the A1123 at Earith, raising the level of Low Road, dredging the Hundred Foot river to increase flow, and ensuring that the drain flaps in Low Road are working correctly.

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  1. As the busway cyce track I think will never be raised, sorting the Low road would be a good result for me.

    I am off this week, stripping the bike ad cleaning it, but if I had been at work, it would be either the muddy paths along the GBW banking or cycling through the flooded waters of the Low road, maybe, just maybe something may be done.

    I will definitely email that guy at the council about it all.


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