Monday, 21 October 2013

Chaos on busway

Bus services on the busway were not running according to timetable this morning, presumably as a result of accidents on the A14 and M11.

There is a report about the accidents here.

Travelling from Cambridge to St Ives about 12 noon, I had to wait 25 minutes at New Square before a bus to St Ives appeared (an A). In all that time I did not see a B or a C going in the St Ives direction. While I was waiting, there were no buses heading in the opposite direction either.

Any other busway users affected by this disruption?

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  1. I seem to remember the chap from CambChambCom saying "it took me an hour and three quarters to get from Huntingdon to Cambridge!!!" - by the sounds of it, a similar time on a Route B service on this day? And the accident itself was in the early hours...Feedback from other users would be really useful.


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