Friday, 25 October 2013

Satnav problems

Anther truck has been driven onto the busway at Longstanton due, apparently, to a satnav error. A photo of the incident appears in a Cambridge News article here.


  1. Well, I suppose the satnav was where the problem started - but it's ultimately "driver" error. Just how little care and attention does one have to be paying to ignore signs, etc.??? Do these people drive that badly everywhere else, or is it something that only afflicts them in close proximity to the Busway...

  2. The photo shows it approaching Swavesey, so it travelled 2 miles.

    The report says guided busway services were not delayed - but it appears the photo was taken from the upper deck of a bus which had caught up with it....

    Looks like it weighed more than a bus. And assuming it did not have guide wheels, it must have scuffed tyres against the side of the guide rails. Have the busway owners checked for damage?


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