Wednesday 2 October 2013

Neglected busway - another comment

Another letter has appeared in the Hunts Post (2 October, page 7) in response to the letter last week about lack of maintenance of the busway.

The writer, a resident of Brampton, notes that the busway is starting to resemble to railway it replaced, that the approaches to Cambridge are defaced by graffiti, and that many of the recently planted trees are leaning over or have lost their protective sleeves.


  1. I agree, I travel early in the morning when it's dark and in places I can't see the studded lights also I hit a big bush that wa covering part of the cycle way as I was doing 20mph on my bike! Somebody needs to do something before someone gets hurt

  2. Jon,

    I've never been along early morning - do the studlights that are not covered have enough battery to be effective until daylight in the winter?

    I am impressed that the ones near Fen Drayton that were under 2 foot of water for weeks on end earlier this year still work at all.


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