Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Delays to busway services

Regular users of the busway will be aware that the buses don't run every 7-8 minutes as they are supposed to. A whole lot of delays occur, usually as a result of road conditions  elsewhere.

There is a good example in this week's Hunts Post (11 December, page 11). It's about parked cars blocking Cowper Road, Huntingdon, a small residential street that, because of Huntingdon's one-way street system forms part of the westbound Busway B route. The photo shows 4 Bs waiting to get through. That's an hour's worth of buses! OK, they're westbound, but that means their return journeys towards Cambridge will subsequently be delayed.

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  1. Another example is North Road, St Ives, which is the main route for all A B & C buses - the road is narrow enough that a bus cannot pass any other vehicle coming in the opposite direction. It wouldn't take a lot to widen it - tho' a few car parking spaces might be lost...


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