Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Solving the flood problem

Cambridge News has picked up the story of the flooded busway bridleway/cycle track. Read article here.

Questions are being asked about the design of the route and whether putting it up on stilts might be a solution. Cambridgeshire County Council previously said the route might expect to be closed for 29 days a year. The article reports that a Council spokesman says it could expect to be closed for up to 56 days a year. The cycle track has been under water continuously since Christmas Day - I make that 60 days i.e. more than 8 weeks.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign says the existing design devalues the benefits of the bridleway.


  1. The path was underwater for much longer last winter, I think someone said it was nearer 100 days?

    I noticed that only one of the dips (between Swavesey and Fen Drayton) remains underwater.

    I'd be surprised if the Council does anything about raising the level of the path, given that they are going to start charging for parking at the P&R and withdrawing concessions.

  2. Last winter we had 60 days of flooding between Nov 2012 and Feb 2013, but not continuous. There followed another 14 days in March-April 2013. I think the current flood is the longest continuous one we've suffered.


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