Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Stagecoach's new busway timetable

This week's Hunts Post has picked up the story about the extra buses Stagecoach will be running as from 23 February. Hunts Post ( 5 February, page 10). As well as the benefits of having a bus every 5 minutes during the peak, the article notes concerns about traffic congestion in St Ives and on the Harrison Way/busway crossing.

There's also a short piece  on the same page about Andy Campbell, the Managing Director of Stagecoach East, who has had his head shaved for charity, the East Anglia's Children's Hospices.


  1. I had to drive to work in Cambridge last week, it took an hour each way and was painfully slow.

    To be honest, getting Stuck on Harrison Way is not the major delay, it's where the A14 bears left from the top of the M11.

    On both occasions, not only could I get to the Science Park faster on the B service (yes the B service) with 20 minutes of walking to/from Bus Stops at either end, I can cycle in quicker as well (once the floods subside). When I first worked in the Science Park 17 years ago, that same car journey would have taken 45 minutes and if you had told me that I could cycle in faster than I could drive I would have told you that you were mad. I would hate to think what the A14 would be like without the GB.

    Roll on the new timetable...

  2. Anyone noticed an improvement in the Service since the new timetable was introduced?

    I have tried coming in on an Earlier B service for the first time in a few months and it was not too crowded apart from today when the A service to Long Road was late.

    I still see people standing on the A service during rush hour at the CRC stop. I think all the extra buses are all A services. Has anyone seen any double deckers other than the Long Road service?


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