Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Traffic congestion in St Ives

Letter in this week's Hunts Post (26 February, pages 6-7) about congestion in St Ives, specifically in North Road, which is the main guided bus route through town.

Anyone who uses North Road will be aware that in several places the roadway is too narrow for guided buses to pass, and elsewhere they can only pass at low speed and with utmost caution. There is a suggestion that the Council missed the opportunity to widen North Road at the time when Woodlands Court was being built.

The writer of the letter, who lives in North Road, suggests a one way system, with buses routed via Broadway (presumably westbound), Ramsey Road and St Audrey's Lane (eastbound). This scenario seems to imply that no buses would use North Road at all.

If the Broadway route cannot be used (and there have been issues regarding the town centre bus gate and markets), then perhaps St Audrey's Lane/ Pig Lane might suffice for eastbound buses with westbound continuing to use North Road.

Hunts Post can be accessed here.

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