Thursday, 22 May 2014

Broken ticket machines

Not sure how long this machine has been out of action, but I first noticed it a few days ago. I'm referring to the ticket machine at the Science Park stop on the busway. It's now boxed up like its mates at Histon and Swavesey. Those two have been out of action for the best part of a year. Isn't the Council going to fix them?


  1. I used the bus today for the first time in years. What struck me is that at st Ives a lot of people used the ticket machine, but at all the other stops people seemed to have some kind of 'oyster card thing'. Maybe there's just no demand to fix the machines...But when you stop repairing some of it I always think it starts the ball rolling to not looking after it

    1. Those plastic cards are multi journey tickets - so handy of you travel regularly. I used to have one when I worked on Cambridge. I guess a people buying tickets at the machines are mainly occasional travellers.


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