Thursday, 22 May 2014

Busway damage - even more pictures

Here are some I took today in the Histon area.

This one looks as if it has already been patched:

Here is an example of what you get in the middle of every long concrete beam. There is a stress crack, which suggests that the beams are flexing every time a bus goes over them. If water gets into these cracks, and we have hard frosts in the winter, I can see the concrete disintegrating even more:

More patching:

Typical example of flaking of the concrete at  a beam end. Presumably this is caused by friction of the guided wheels:

An example disintegration of the vertical surface of the  guide 'rail'. Maybe it's cosmetic. Maybe it's more serious:

Flaking of the guide rail:

Shows the disparity in gap widths between the two running tracks:

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  1. The gaps on the sweeping curve between Longstanton and Oakington, you could put your hand down there. It really is startling how much they have moved. I just don't see how you can stop that movement now its begun, without taking it up or something.


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