Monday, 8 August 2011

Friday 5 and Saturday 6 August

My last three trips on Stagecoach's number 55 service before the Guided Busway opened were on 5th and 6th August.

On Friday 5th, I caught the 17.15 from Drummer Street reaching St Ives Bus Station at 17.49 -- a journey of 34 minutes. This was quite fast for a rush hour journey out of Cambridge, but it's the height of the summer holidays, so the roads were quiet.

The next day, I caught the 11.05 from St Ives Bus Station. This did not leave until 11.14. I reached Drummer Street at 11.47, a running time of 33 minutes, 42 if you add in the fact that we were late leaving.

I returned from Cambridge on the 14.35 from Drummer Street - which sped back to St Ives in a mere 32 minutes.

On these three trips, Shire Hall to St Ives took 23-27 minutes.
Bridge Street and Magdalene Street are a bit of a bottleneck, with Drummer Street to Shire Hall taking 8-11 minutes.

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