Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Unfortunately no use for Station - Cowley Road commute

I commute once a week from Cambridge Station to Cowley Road (St Johns Innovation Centre). It was a bright sunny morning, so I thought I'd trial the service and save on the taxi fare.

1. When I arrived at Cambridge station, the bus stop is a couple of hundred yards away (much further than the other buses and cabs, and through lots of building work).
2. The buses are timed to leave the rail station 3 minutes before the fast trains from London arrive, and they only run every 20 minutes
3. At the Science Park end, the stop is 15 minutes walk from St Johns Innovation Centre

So all in all, it takes just under an hour to get from the station to my office - compared with 10 minutes by cab, and longer than the 50 mile Kings Cross to Cambridge train journey. I appreciate that the service is bound to be slow running through the city, but there are no bus routes that take one from the Station to the Science Park / Business Park / Innovation Park.

So unfortunately I'll continue to Borisbike from Covent Garden to Kings Cross and take an expensive and environmentally unfriendly taxi from the station to my office.

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