Thursday, 10 May 2012

Re-routing buses in northern St Ives

This week's Hunts Post (9 May, page 6) has two letters from St Ives residents about Stagecoach's proposal to divert the Service B away from Hill Rise and the north end of Ramsey Road. One accuses Stagecoach of being motivated solely by profit, and not really considering the needs of the people who use the buses. The other highlights the needs of elderly and disabled people for whom the rerouting will cause problems. There is a reply from Andy Campbell, manager of Stagecoach East. He says that the Service B will continue to serve the full length of Ramsey Road in the evenings and Sundays. There will still be a direct service between Hill Rise and St Ives Town Centre. Bus coverage of St Ives will improve. The Oxmoor will still be served by the B, and Huntingdon will have a quicker service. The accusation that Stagecoach is somehow punishing St Ives because of the Town Council's refusal to allow buses through the town centre, he says, is ludicrous. Of course, the fact remains that passengers from the north end of Ramsey Road and Hill r Rise won't have a direct service to/from Huntingdon. Whippet might well find themselves picking up some of this traffic. In the Huntingdon & St Ives News & Crier (10 may, page 14-15) is a report about the recent flooding, caused by rain water flowing down the Great Ouse and its tributaries. There are several photos of the floods, including one (by Mark Shelley) of the guided busway cycle track, but nothing at all in the text about the busway.


  1. Let's hope residents of Huntingdon are heaving a sigh of relief that they are now getting a direct service....

  2. Still won't be a very quick service though - an hour for 16 miles?


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