Monday 30 July 2012

Busway extension to Peterborough 'an experiment'

According to the Cambridge News, the extension of Stagecoach's busway service B to Peterborough is an experiment. The article also covers the worrying fact that some of the advertised services to Peterborough  terminated at Huntingdon last week. This is being blamed on driver confusion or coming to the end of his/her shift. It would be charitable to think these problems are just teething troubles, but  poor organisation and inadequate driver training seem more likely culprits. Stagecoach really have no excuse - after all they have been in the business of providing bus services for years.


  1. Top of their list of values is " Meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers" (see their code of conduct at

    1. Thanks, Christine. The start of the new timetable has certainly revealed some gaps in Stagecoach's customer care. Do any other readers of this blog have any stories to share about how well ( or not) Stagecoach live up to their code of conduct?


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