Sunday 8 July 2012

New bus stop in Station Road, St Ives

Work has begun on creating  a new bus stop in Station Road, St Ives. This is intended to ease congestion in St Ives Bus Station and means that Cambridge-bound buses on Routes A and B won't have to loop around the bus station. The stop will project out into Station Road at the front of Coral betting shop and the Hyperion auction house. The site of the bus stop has now been marked on the roadway.

Progress at end of Day 1 of works (9 July) - a conduit has been installed across the road, possibly for electric supply to the new bus stop.

End of Day 2 (10 July) - bus stop kerb has been partly built -  temporary traffic lights were in operation, causing traffic congestion and delays to buses to and from the Bus Station.

Day 3 (11 July) - congestion during construction work

End of Day 3 (11 July) - kerb round new bus stop is almost complete.

End of Day 4 (12 July) - no visible progress today, as far as I can see.

End of Day 5 (13 July) - nothing seems to have happened today either, which is worrying as the new bus service is due to start in just over a week.

End of Day 6 (16 July) - the new bus stop now has its base layer of tar. A sign saying 'Temporary Bus Stop' has appeared, which perhaps suggest that the buses will start calling there before work has been completed.

End of Day 7 (17 July) - two bollards and a post which will perhaps carry the bus stop sign have been erected.

End of Day 8 (18 July) - no visible progress on the bus stop today.

End of Day 9 (19 July) - no further work

End of Day 10 (20 July) - the bus stop has now been marked out on the road in yellow, but the final tar surface of the bus stop has not been laid, and there is still a temporary sign in place. There is no shelter for waiting passengers.

For more information about the bus stop, see blog post dated 20th July. Click here.


  1. I really think the people who design these things, never use them, its got disaster written all over it, the road to already too congested and narrow, cars are continually parked all along the road, and the stop is too near the corner.

    You could not make it up ! what a cock up

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kevin.

    This morning I watched a bus turning the corner. It's a more than 90% corner, and the buses will have a struggle to get alongside the new bus top platform. Today there was a van parked opposite the new stop, half on and half off the road, just about where the puddle is in the photo above. What if a Cambridge-bound bus arrives at the new stop early and has to sit there for several minutes? Just a few aspects of the bad design! I expect some more problems will emerge as time goes on.

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  4. Finally its there. Thanks for the updates about this bus stop


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