Tuesday 17 July 2012

Floods affecting busway cycle track

Today's Cambridge News (17 July, page 3) includes a photo of the flooded cycle track, and a comment from Cambridgeshire County Council.


  1. What was the comment from the council?

  2. (1)we are experiencing exceptionally heavy rainfall
    (2)this has caused flooding including some short stretches of the 'maintenance track'
    (3) advanced flood warning signs have been put up
    (4) more heavy rain is predicted
    (5) the Council will monitpr water levels
    (6) the Council will alert users of the maintenance track to any further problems)

  3. A comment from me. How will any maintenance be carried out if the 'maintenance track' is under water? How will the Council alert users of the maintenance track to further problems?

  4. I wish they wold make up their mind, one minute its a bridle way next its the maintenance track, I am suprised sustrans paid to tarmac their precious maintenance track .....


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