Thursday 5 July 2012

Busway services to Peterborough

The timetable for the busway service B extension from Huntingdon to Peterborough is now available on the Cambridgeshire County Council website here. Or here.

Departures from Huntingdon are at 05.50 then hourly until 16.50 then 17.20, 18.20, 19.20. From Peterborough they are at 06.45, 07.45, 09.15 then hourly until 20.15. The service operates Monday to Saturday. Journey time is 44 or 45 minutes.

Intermediate calling points are described as follows: Little Stukeley opposite RAF Alconbury Main Gate (northbound), Alconbury near RAF Main Gate (southbound), Sawtry opposite Tinkers Lane, Hampton Serpentine Green.

Bizarrely, the Huntingdon to Peterborough journeys are shown in the same table as Huntingdon to Cambridge journeys, and vice versa - so  there is no indication of whether they are through journeys between Peterborough and Cambridge.

Link to Studley's tidied up version of the Peterborough-Cambridge timetable here.


  1. The PDF's not there any more. Any chance you have another link, or a copy of it that you could share?

  2. Sorry about that. I've reset the link and tested it, and it seems to be working OK now. Another way to get to it is to visit and go to the Transport pages, then select Buses, then Buse Routes by Number, and choose route A or route B, and finally select the Print version.

  3. Thanks, I found it by navigating through the site as suggested - it seems that the download links are temporary. Wow, you're right about the bizarre representation of the Peterborough section on that timetable!

  4. I expect the proper new timetable booklet, when it is issued, will be a bit easier to read. Let's hope so. Following your comment about the link being temporary, I checked a few quite old olinks going back a month or two, and they seem to be working OK. So not quite sure why this one didn't work. I'll keep it under review.

  5. I've attempted to unravel the current timetable by producing my own version, which shows just the direct services to/from Peterborough. Having examined closer it appears that they are definitely through journeys - there's always a bus which leaves Huntingdon bus station about 3-4 minutes after one arrives. Here's a link (I plan to tart it up a little still):

  6. Many thanks. I've added a link to your timetable on my 5th July posting about busway services to Peterborough.


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