Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Busway services to Houghton and Wyton

If you use Stagecoach service B between St Ives and Huntingdon, you will be aware that the buses skirt the edge of the villages of Houghton and Wyton, but don't stop there. Currently, the nearest stop for the B is at Hartford Marina about a mile away.

The parish council is commissioning a survey of local residents to find out how much demand there is for a busway stop on the A1123 to serve the village.

Hunts Post (20 February 2013, page 34) here.


  1. Filled in my survey. I'd prefer a stop on the A1123 near the end of Ware Lane. That would be central to most village residents plus there is space for pull ins and a traffic island.

    Can't see there being much support from routing the bus through the village. The road is not suitable to allow 2 buses to pass in the village centre due to on street parking, narrow roads and over hanging buildings.

  2. A stop at Ware Lane would serve the Wyton end of the village pretty well. But what about another stop near where St Ives Road comes out onto the A1123, close to the centre of Houghton? And while we're at it, why not move the Hartford Marina stop a bit closer to Huntingdon Garden & Leisure?

  3. There is a straight section of road between the end of Ware Lane and St. Ives Road on the A1123 which has a footpath already and would be about central. If you live at the far end of Home Farm Close, it would be quicker to walk up Houghton Hill to the stop by the Water Tower.

    I don't believe it is beyond the wit of man (or the council) to find space for pull-ins and a traffic island for crossing.

  4. I was past there in the car today, and the location you suggest is very good.

    Houghton and Wyton are good sized villages, and I find it surprising that Stagecoach haven't made an effort to get a bus stop on the main road. You'd think they would pick up a good deal of business.


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