Monday 11 February 2013

Flooding update - 11 February

The busway cycle track is still under water between Fen Drayton and Swavesey. There's a longish section of about 200 metres, plus a shorter stretch. I was on a bus so couldn't see how deep the water was.

Has anyone tried to cycle or wade through the flood in the last day or two?


  1. Yep , found out late Friday, I am beginning to struggle to remember when it was not flooded !

  2. According to my records the last 'dry' day was 27 January.

    It's been flooded 19 days on May 2012, 4 days in July and 60 days in November, December, January and February. That's close to 100 days in 10 months i.e. about 1 day in 3.

  3. Many thanks for the update Andrew. Maybe the council should invest in a couple of bike-powered pedalo boats to let us use that stretch again.

  4. Flooding as at 14 February. I cycled from St Ives to Swavesey this afternoon, and although there are still two stretches of the cycle track under water, I was able to cycle through slowly. The water was about 3 inches deep ( i.e. just touching the pedals) and my feet stayed almost dry.

    So, still far from ideal.

  5. Interesting, cause the car park at the Dolphin was not flooded this morning. When I came past tonight it was all under water again, so I wonder if the bus way is going to rise again.

    Does your bike not get covered in sandy stuff from cycling along there in the wet Andrew?

    Thanks for the update mate

  6. My bike is a bit of an old warhorse, so any mud I just wash it off. However, the water in the two floods was actually quite clean and hardly any mud at all. There was a lot of debris, though, at the end of the long section.


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