Thursday, 21 February 2013

Solar lighting for busway cycle track

Some time ago it was announced that solar lights would be installed on the busway cycle track, to help guide cyclists using the route at night. Similar lights were earlier successfully trialled on other local  cycle tracks.

Focus on Bar Hill has revealed that work on installing the lights is now beginning between Orchard Park and St Ives,between Longstanton Park & Ride and Longstanton, between Oakington and Girton. This may explain the  works going on between Orchard Park and Histon yesterday evening as I returned from Cambridge on a late evening bus.

It will be interesting to see how they cope when they reach the flooded section of  track near Swavesey, and how the lights perform when submerged for weeks on end!

Also in Huntingdon & St Ives News & Crier ( February 28, page 17).


  1. The world's first night-time landing strip for swans?

  2. I guess they could install ordinary lamp-posts on the flooded stretch - at least that way there would be light - even if there were no cyclists or pedestrians.

  3. Presumably the solar lights are waterproof for ordinary rainfall, so maybe they'll be OK under the floodwater.

  4. Apparently the lights are solar stud lights that are sealed into plastic, secured in holes drilled into the path surface, there's no problem with them being underwater....

  5. As at 2 March, the solar lights seem to have been installed almost to St Ives. They run out about half a mile west of Fen Drayton.


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