Friday, 15 February 2013

More flooding - 15 February

The River Ouse has burst its banks again and the busway cycle track is again under water on either side of the concrete bridge between St Ives and Fen Drayton.

So far the first dip (nearest to St Ives Park & Ride is OK), but the flood water is starting to encroach on the path there.


  1. Looks like the Low Road was starting to get water encroachment near Crystal Lakes as well coming home tonight.

    Well it can only get better surely!

    Thanks for the update again mate

  2. You're more of an optimist than me, Kevin!

  3. Update - 17 Feb afternoon. I travelled to Cambrdige today on the bus.

    The water level has gone down between St Ives and Fen Drayton, but the cycle track was still flooded on either side of the concrete bridge. However, I did see someone cycling through the water - so it's not very deep.

    Between Fen Drayton and Swavesey, there are three sections flooded. The middle section not os bad as the other two. Plenty of people walking or cycling along beside the tracks.

  4. Can anyone tell me how is the flooding on the cycle path between st Ives and Swavesey? I'm thinking of my commute to Cambridge on Friday am

    many thanks

  5. This morning the long section at the Swavesey end of the lakes was still under what looked like around 3-4 inches of water, but that's the only section underwater now.

  6. Thanks, George. I was thinking about getting on my bike and cycling out there to take a look. Please see the newest post on this blog, referring to an article in the Cambridge News.

  7. Flooding update - Sunday 24 February - only one section now remains flooded between Fen Drayton and Swavesey. The water level has dropped but water is still lying across the cycle track at several places.

  8. Update - Monday 25 February - the water has gone down a bit more since yesterday. Most of the one remaining flooded stretch now has a dry strip alongside the busway embankment. However, there is still water right across the track in a couple of places. There is a lot of mud and debris on the track.


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