Wednesday 6 March 2013

Breakdown on busway

Mid morning  today I travelled out from Cambridge to St Ives and noticed a B bus stuck in the guideway  a short distance west of Longstanton.  Someone was taking a photograph of the incident. I did not see whether the bus was able to move on towards Cambridge as my  bus continued on its journey unimpeded in the opposite directiuon.

My guess is that busway service might have to be diverted between Longstanton and Oakington heading eastbound.

However, when I reached St Ives I witnessed an unusual spectacle, a B heading for Cambridge that wasn't a guided busway vehicle. Was it going to swap passengers at St Ives Park & Ride, or head off to Cambridge via the A14?

If anyone can add information about this event, please comment to the blog.


  1. Just had a text message from Brendan who is on a bus from St Ives to Cambridge. The track seems to be clear now, so whatever was wrong with the bus, they must have managed to shift it off the track.

  2. I'm 95% certain I saw a non-GB vehicle operating a westbound "B" service close to Peterborough last Friday afternoon. And then within the next hour or so I saw two further "B" services in the Huntingdon area being operated by "A"-branded Stagecoach vehicles. Perhaps an unusually high number of "B" buses are off the road at present?

  3. There are always 2 or 3 busway buses on the section beyond Huntingdon which doesnlt make a lot of sense as I;m sure the number of through passengers form Huntngdon to cambridge is minimal. If they were to detach the Huntingdon-Peterborough route and run it with ordinary buses (as it used to be) they could then run all 4 Bs per hour to Huntingdon Rail Station and Hinchingbrooke Hospital, which would be much more useful.

    Regarding deployment of A and B branded buses, there is the odd double decker A during the morning and afternoon peak but they can't travel the route beyond Cambridge Railway Station due to the low bridge under Hills Road. Likewise, the B service is sometimes a single decker. You could be right about Bs being off the road at present.


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