Tuesday 19 March 2013

Stagecoach fares to rise

Stragecoach has announced that its bus fare will rise as from 31 March. Full details  here.

Here is a table of the new fares.

Cambridge & Peterborough prices
Megarider (7 day)£13
Megarider 4 week£50
Megarider 13 week£160
Megarider 52 week£540
Dayrider Plus£6
Megarider Plus (7 day)£23.50 
Megarider Plus 4 week £90 
Megarider Plus 13 week £275 
Megarider Plus 52 week £1000 
P&R return (from machine)£2.60 
P&R return (on bus) £2.90 
P&R Megarider (7 day)£12 
P&R Megarider 4 week£45 
P&R Megarider 13 week£140
Family Dayrider Plus 6.80 
Family Dayrider Gold £11.50 


  1. may as well get a 52 week one, cycle path is underwater for most of that time!

  2. When I was working in Cambridge I had one of those direct debit plastic tickets. It was a lot cheaper then buying weekly tickets, even allowing for some weeks off when I was away on holiday. I was often using it at weekends too. But I guess it depends on how often you want to cycle. I usually cycled about once a week during March-October weather permitting

  3. everyday if I could, only days when I'm uncertain about the flood situation.

  4. In that case, don't bother with an annual ticket...

  5. Andrew what is the direct debit tickets you are talking about? I am new to the area and am about to start work in histon

  6. How do you buy the longer term tickets?

  7. Hi Lizzie. The ticket you want is called Stagecoachsmart. Check out this web page on the Stagecoach website http://www.stagecoachbus.com/whatisstagecoachsmart.aspx . You pay by monthly direct debit. It's a plastic card that you swipe on the ticket machine on the bus for each journey. There's one for journeys solely within the city of Cambridge (includes trips on the busway as far out as Histon and Oakington), and there's a more expensive one which covers the whole of Cambridgeshire. Hope that helps.


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