Friday, 22 March 2013

Bus passenger survey 2013

The Bus Passenger Survey 2013 has just been published. It includes the results of survey of  the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway. To view it please click here.


  1. County council should do a survey for pedestrians and cyclists using the busway track!

  2. "dissatisfaction" on punctuality was markedly the lowest (5% as against about 10% for other areas)

    "dissatisfaction" on journey times was markedly the highest (8% as against about 2-3% for other areas)

    In "Factors affecting journey length" the two most-commonly cited reasons (for Cambs GBus) were congestion and boading time:
    Congestion/traffic jam 29%
    Roadworks 8%
    Bus driver driving too slowly 3%
    Poor weather conditions 14%
    Waiting too long at stops 7%
    Time it took passengers to board 26%
    (% occurrences)


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