Wednesday 6 March 2013

Diversions due to Cambridge Half Marathon - 10 March

Cambridge Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 10 March and  between 10am and 4 pm,  services on route B will be diverted.

There are notices up at some bus stops saying that the B won't call at Castle Street (Shire Hall),  Round Church Street, Jesus Lane, and New Square .

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything on either the Stagecoach or Busway websites with the information. Buses will definitely be serving Drummer Street Bus Station throughout the day.


  1. There's documentation on traffic management for the Half Marathon on the City Council, but good luck working out the implications for bus services (doesn't mention the stop suspensions Andrew's listed, for example!)

  2. This has now appeared but it doesn't give quite as much information as the notice I saw on the bus stops.

  3. I've updated this post with a photo of the notice about the bus stop closures.

  4. I went into Cambridge today (9 March) on the 0940 from St Ives. The inward diversion was via Victoria Road, Chesterton Road, Elizabeth Way, East Road and Parkside. This added about 5 minutes to the journey time.

    Some passengers wanted to alight at Shire Hall, which the bus could not call at due to the diversion It was a pity that an alternative temporary stop had not been provided near the junction of Histon Road and Victoria Road.

    For my return journey I was aiming for the 12.20 from Drummer Street. It was clear by this time that the diversion delays had started to stack up. My bus left at about 12.36, but it can't have been the late running 12.20 as its destination was Huntingdon. Another St Ives bound bus caught up with his journey at ST Ives Park & Ride suggesting that the bus I was on was the 1140 from Cambridge running almost an hour late.

    Stagecoach needs 6 vehicles to run their Sunday service between Huntingdon, St Ives and Cambridge. There isn't enough slack in the Cambridge and St Ives turnarounds to allow drivers to make up time lost by diversions. The Huntingdon turnarounds are longer, but presumably give the drivers a necessary break from driving.

    Stagecoach might have been better to insert a seventh bus into the roster so that, instead of buses having a 4-minute turn round at Cambridge, late arrivals into Cambridge wouldn't delay the departures.

    I was also a bit puzzled why they didn't use Gilbert Road/Milton Road as a diversionary route. It might have saved a few precious minutes and prevented the timetable from going haywire.


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