Thursday, 21 February 2013

Busway flooding - article in Cambridge News

The Cambridge News has highlighted the dangers people are exposing themselves to because of the persistent flooding of the guided busway cycle track. Click here to read the article.

There is a photograph by Nick Richardson showing someone cycling along the concrete tracks. Mr Richardson has contacted the County Council's guided busway team to ask what measures the Council could take to ensure the floods would not impede the public's use of the track.  He received a reply to say that a flood risk assessment had to be undertaken, and that the Environment agency had to give agreement to any works since the track crosses the River Ouse Flood plain.

Councillor Roy Pegram is quoted as saying that the track 'would inevitably be closed from time to time because of flooding as it was built on a flood plain and the Environment Agency wanted to ensure maximum flows of water'.

That sounds very close to saying  there's nothing that can be done.

But let's remember, we're not talking here about a few days of flooding. The track has been flooded continuously since 28 January. It's been under water 80 days since 23 November, and 100 days since 1 May. 

The current flooded section (between Fen Drayton Lakes and Swavesey) is caused by water that entyered some fields and ponds when the river level was exceptionally high, but has no way of escaping back to the river now that the river has returned to more normal levels.

The genuine flood plain section close to the River Ouse viaduct floods quickly and then tends to dry up quickly when the river level falls.

If you are a user of the busway track for walking or cycling, I urge you to contact your County Councillor to push for improvements.

Also reported in Huntingdon & St Ives News & Crier ( 21 February, page 3)


  1. That's an interesting point about the details of the flooding situation Andrew. Now that we've seen how the floodwater behaves in that area, maybe suggesting to the council that they look at improving the drainage back into the river would be the best way to improve things.
    I'm assuming that getting the track level raised is simply not going to happen...

  2. Evening Andrew
    I emailed the guy at Sustrans again, and I cut and pasted your stats on the flooding that were on your blog, he has emailed me to ask if he could quote those stats in some correspondence, before I reply I thought it was best to check if your okay with that as its your blog mate. If you could email me I would be grateful. Hopefully he may be able to at least raise the issue again. Many thanks Kevin

    (posted by Kevin)

  3. According to a guy I know on Cyclechat the flooding has receded and the path is not under anymore water at present.

    1. Thanks for that. It was nearly dry yesterday.


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